Information About ISO 22000 Certification

Information About ISO 22000 Certification

International Organization for Standardization

ISO or the International Organization for Standardization, develops and publishes world renowned international standards. It is comprised of one hundred and sixty four countries, which includes the United States. It’s a non-government related group that acts as a bridge between private companies and the public. ISO 22000 Certification is a certification that deals with food safety, and was derived from ISO 9000.


Technical committees are the ones who develop and create the standards. The committees are comprised of experts from different fields, such as the industrial, business, and technical sectors. They are also the ones who request for standards to be put in place.


All proposals for new technical committees must be submitted to any ISO national member body. The member body can choose to observe or participate in the process. The ISO secretariat is the one responsible for the nomination of an individual who will act as the technical committee’s chair person.


The standard provides the specific requirements for food safety management. It includes system management, prerequisite programs, HACCP principles, and interactive communication. Reviews on the aforementioned factors were studied by a lot of experts to come up with the standard. Each element was carefully researched to prove its importance in the standardized system.


ISO provides standardization certificates to almost every type of industry. Getting certified by the organization simply means that the business or establishment meets strict standardization requirements, and the products manufactured by the company are safe for public use or consumption. It also means that there are work processes in place, which make procedures and instructions clear for every process.


Most food chains and restaurants are eager to receive this kind of credential. Safety in food preparation and handling means that there is little to no risk of acquiring an illness through food intake. The standardization integrates HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system, and uses application steps which are created by the CAC or Codex Alimentarius Commission.


The food systems utilized are the most effective ones. These are launched, operated, and updated within the structured management system’s framework, they are also involved in the organization’s overall management programs. It can be used independently, or it can be used along with the company’s existing management systems. It is often the case that companies already have their own established systems prior to getting certified by ISO.


Getting an ISO accreditation ensures the public and the company’s partners, as well as their clients, that the standardized process is used to ensure proper business flow. This means that business hours are used appropriately and effectively, since there is an effective system in place. Employees can also expect speedy completion of tasks, since there are set instructions that can be easily understood and followed under any circumstances.


ISO 22000 Certification plays a big part in keeping the techniques and systems used in order. This allows for faster and more efficient production of goods. Not only that, it deals with keeping the establishment free from accidents caused by hazardous materials and improper work flows. Hazard analysis is key to maintaining successful food management.