Advanced HACCP System

Ensure that you meet food legislation requirements and save money by buying our all-in-one advanced HACCP system, which includes the following packages:

  • HACCP Manual.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice Manual.
  • Operational GMP Manual.

Here are the details of the packages you will receive if you buy this system:

HACCP Manual

You can make sure you are compliant with food safety legislation by applying principles of hazard analysis critical control points using our easy to follow HACCP system that includes.

  • A set of HACCP documents and procedures.
  • CCP record templates and HACCP System Instructions.
  • HACCP Training - An interactive and illustrated HACCP training presentation to train your food safety team in the preliminary steps to a hazard analysis, the principles of HACCP and instruction how to implement your HACCP system and develop a HACCP plan.
  • HACCP Training Exam - A 1 hour multiple choice exam in HACCP to evaluate the effectiveness of your training. The exam includes an automatic scoring system and the generation of certificates to print out.
  • Validation Records - A range of easy to use validation record templates.
  • HACCP implementation guide.

Good Manufacturing Practice Manual

Good Manufacturing Practice Manual
  • A comprehensive set of over 130 procedures and records covering all of the prerequisites included in CODEX and TS ISO 22002.
  • Prerequisite GMP programmes on food safety for food manufacturing: A comprehensive set of 67 prerequisite GMP programmes including those defined in Technical Specification ISO 22002:2009 Part 1.
  • Prerequisite GMP Programmes Verification Records: Prerequisite programme verification audit templates covering all 67 prerequisite programmes including those defined in Technical Specification ISO 22002:2009 Part 1.

Operational GMP Prerequisite Programmes Manual

  • A set of 48 operational GMP prerequisite programmes example procedures and records.
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