IFS Food Safety and Quality Management System Implementation Package

IFS Food Safety and Quality Management System

This is a comprehensive package for Food Manufacturers looking to meet the International Featured Standards (IFS) Food Standard Version 7.

IFS Food Version 7 is a Standard for assessing product and process compliance in relation to food safety and quality for food manufacturers and is effective for audits from 1st July 2021.

IFS Food Version 7 was recognised by GFSI in September 2012. GFSI recognised schemes provide a framework for assessing the pertinence and compliance of food safety management systems and are accepted worldwide.

Version 7 is in alignment with GFSI Benchmarking Requirements Version 2020. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Benchmarking Requirements are a widely-accepted benchmark for food safety certification programs.

GFSI-recognized Certification Program Owners are required to address each key element outlined in GFSI Benchmarking Requirements Version 2020, the main change being the requirement for a food safety culture. Part III of the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements defines the key elements required in a Certification Program in relation to:

  • Hazard and Risk Management Systems (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) or HACCP based systems).
  • Food Safety Management Systems.
  • Good Industry Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Agricultural Practices.

International Featured Standards (IFS) are one of the major recognized food safety management certification schemes with over 26,000 IFS certificates in 90 different countries being issued per year.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a Version 7 compliant IFS Food Safety & Quality Management System Implementation Package for Food Manufacturers. This comprehensive package includes extensive templates of food safety management system documents, an implementation workbook, training presentations, HACCP guidance and our expert support until you achieve certification.

The documents provided match the clauses and sections of the standard:

  1. Senior Management Commitment.
  2. Hazard and risk analysis.
  3. Product safety and quality management system.
  4. Site and Building Standards.
  5. Vehicle Operating Standards.
  6. Facility Management.
  7. Good Operating Practices.
  8. Personnel.
IFS Food Standard

As major retailers seek to ensure the integrity of their products throughout the entire food supply chain they are looking to suppliers to have 3rd party certification to an approved GFSI food safety-related certification scheme.

Our Food Safety Management System packages are based on HACCP principles; promote compliance with legal requirements, food safety management system requirements and include relevant prerequisite programmes, such as Good Manufacturing Practices. This is an ideal package for Food Manufacturers looking to meet IFS Food Version 7.

Download The Brochure: IFS FSQMS for Food Manufacturers Product Brochure

The core of the system includes the following documents:

  • Food Safety Management System Procedures: - A comprehensive set of top level documents that cover all the requirements of the IFS Food Standard. All of our documents match the clauses of the IFS Food Standard for ease of implementation. The documents are designed for you to edit to suit your operation and save you 1,000’s of hours writing your own documents.
  • FSMS Records: - A comprehensive range of easy to use food safety management system record templates. These record templates/checklists can be adapted and edited to suit your operation.
  • HACCP Manual: - Containing HACCP document templates, our unique HACCP Calculator and instructions providing all you should need to develop your HACCP plan.
  • Laboratory Quality Manual: - A Laboratory Quality Manual based on ISO 17025 principles which is also provided with additional laboratory template records, procedures and product sampling plans.
  • HACCP Training: - An illustrated HACCP presentation for training your food safety team.
  • Validation Records: - Sample validation record templates.
  • Verification Audit Templates: - Sample verification record templates.
  • Internal Auditor Training: - An illustrated Internal Audit training presentation to train your Internal Audit procedure.
  • GMP Inspection Training: - An illustrated GMP Inspection training presentation to train your Internal Audit procedure.
  • Our Introduction to our IFS Food Safety & Quality Management System Implementation Package Training Presentation.
  • Start-Up Guide – To assist in navigating the contents of the package.

Also included in this package:

IFS Food Safety & Quality Management System Implementation Workbook - A complete guide to developing your food safety and quality management system using our IFS Food Safety Management System Implementation Package.

Online support via e-mail or Skype: - Our manuals come with Free Technical Support to advise you on how to tailor the documents to fit your products and process and guide you to certification.

Including our Start-Up Guide – To assist in navigating the contents of the package.

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