SQF Code Edition 9 Implementation Package for Food Manufacturers 2023 Update

We are pleased to announce the launch of an SQF Code Edition 9 compliant SQF Food Safety Management System Package for Food Manufacturers. This is a comprehensive package for Food Manufacturers looking to meet the SQF Code. A HACCP Based Supplier Assurance Code for the Food Industry Edition 9 and the FSMA Final Rule for Preventive Controls for Human Food.

The value of SQF Certification was boosted by the FDA announcement in July 2023 acknowledging that the SQF the program standards are aligned with applicable FDA regulations.

As major retailers seek to ensure the integrity of their products throughout the entire food supply chain they are looking to suppliers to have 3rd party certification to an approved GFSI food safety-related certification scheme.

The SQF Code Edition 9 & FSMA Implementation Package 2023 includes:

  • Comprehensive Procedures Manual
  • Supplementary HACCP Tools & Documents containing the HACCP Calculator
  • Laboratory Quality Manual
  • Training Modules
  • FSQMS, Verification and Validation Record Templates
  • Free online support via e-mail until you achieve certification
  • Allergen Management Module & Risk Assessment Tool
  • Supplier Risk Assessment Tool
  • Product Development Module
  • Complaint Management Guidelines & Analyzer
  • Internal Audit Schedule Risk Assessment Tool and Template
  • Food Fraud Risk Assessment Tool
  • Food Defense Assessment Tool
  • Implementation Workbook
  • User guide

SQF Edition 9 Comprehensive Procedures Manual

The system is delivered in sections that match the SQF Food Safety Code System Elements and Module 11 GMPs for ease of implementation.

SQF Edition 9 Procedure Templates SQF Edition 9 Procedure Templates SQF Edition 9 Procedure Templates

The SQF Food Safety Management System Package contains comprehensive top level Food Safety Management System procedures templates in Microsoft Word format that form the foundations of your Food Safety Management System so you don't have to spend 1,000's of hours writing compliant procedures.

Editable Documents

The documents are provided in Microsoft Word English (US) format and are easily edited to suit your organization.

This package has been updated in line with CODEX General Principles of Food Hygiene CXC 001 2022 including HAZARD ANALYSIS and CRITICAL CONTROL POINT (HACCP) System and guidelines for its application and the new Decision Tree.

Introduction to HACCP 2022 Powerpoint Presentation
HACCP Calculator Tool

About the SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing

The SQF Code is a site-specific, process and product certification standard with an emphasis on the systematic application of CODEX Alimentarius Commission HACCP principles and guidelines for control of food safety hazards. The SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing sets out the implementation, maintenance, and technical requirements for sites involved in the manufacture, processing, packaging, storage, and transport of all types of plant-based products, mixed animal and plant-based products, and ambient stable products. Edition 9 of the SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing is in alignment with GFSI Benchmarking Requirements Version 2020. The SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing Edition 9 is specific to the Food Manufacturing Sector and includes Food Safety Management System - System Elements Requirements plus in Module 11 Good Manufacturing Practices for Processing of Food Products.

SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing Edition 9 Relevant Food Sector Categories:

  • 10 Dairy Food Processing
  • 11 Honey Processing
  • 12 Egg Processing
  • 13 Bakery and Snack Food Processing
  • 14 Fruit, Vegetable, and Nut Processing, and Fruit Juices
  • 15 Canning, UHT, and Aseptic Operations
  • 16 Ice, Drink, and Beverage Processing
  • 17 Confectionery Manufacturing
  • 18 Preserved Foods Manufacturing
  • 19 Food Ingredient Manufacturing
  • 20 Recipe Meals Manufacturing
  • 21 Oils, Fats, and the Manufacturing of Oil or Fat-based Spreads
  • 22 Processing of Cereal Grains
  • 25 Repackaging of Products Not Manufactured On-Site
  • 33 Food Processing Aids Manufacturing

Mandatory Clauses

Mandatory clauses are requirements within Module 2 - System Elements that must be documented, implemented, and audited for a site to achieve SQF certification

Mandatory Clauses of the SQF Food Safety Code


Management Responsibility


Validation and Effectiveness


Management Review


Verification Activities


Complaint Management


Corrective and Preventative Action


Food Safety Management System


Internal Audits and Inspections


Document Control


Product Identification




Product Trace


Approved Supplier Program


Product Withdrawal and Recall


Food Legislation


Food Defense Plan


Good Manufacturing Practices


Food Fraud


Food Safety Plan


Allergen Management


Product Release


Training Program

Comprehensive Implementation Workbook

This workbook is provided to guide you in the implementation of your Food Safety Management System.

SQF Code Edition 9 Implementation Package Start Up Guide

We provide a Start Up Guide to help you navigate around the package and get to understand the contents.

Last but not least! We're 100% with you all the way.

One of the unique features of our packages is that we provide ongoing technical support.

This package includes online technical support and expertise to answer your questions and assist you in developing your SQF Food Safety Management System until you achieve certification.

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