Assured BRC Packaging Safety and Quality Management System

This is an ideal package for Packaging Manufacturers looking to meet International Food Packaging Safety Standards.

The package and documents meet the requirements of the British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Packaging Materials: Issue 6 2019.

Ensure your Packaging Safety & Quality Management System meets a GFSI recognised standard with the comprehensive and easy to use BRC Packaging Safety and Quality Management System Package for Packaging Manufacturers containing:

  • Comprehensive Packaging Safety and Quality Procedures
  • PSQMS Record Templates
  • Hazard Risk Management Manual
  • Laboratory Quality Manual
  • Training Modules
  • BRC Packaging Safety and Quality Management System Introduction Presentation
  • Internal Audit Training
  • HACCP Training
  • Verification and Validation Record Templates
  • Free online technical support via e-mail and/or Skype

BRC Packaging Safety and Quality Management System Implementation Workbook

A New Implementation Workbook is also included with this Issue 6 compliant package. The workbook is designed to assist in the implementation of your BRC Packaging Safety and Quality Management System.

A start-up guide to help you navigate through this package is included also.

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials: Issue 6 2019 provides a framework for all types of packaging manufacturers to assist them in the production of safe packaging materials and to manage product quality to meet customers’ requirements.

The standard puts a strong emphasis on management commitment, a hazard and risk analysis-based product safety programme and a supporting quality management system.

BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials Issue 6 was published in August 2019, with the first audits and certification to issue 6 commencing in February 2020. Issue 6 has the same first 6 sections:

  • Section 1 Senior Management Commitment
  • Section 2 Hazard and Risk Management System
  • Section 3 Product Safety and Quality Management
  • Section 4 Site Standards
  • Section 5 Product and Process Control
  • Section 6 Personnel

Then there is an addition Section 7 Requirements for Traded Products (if applicable to your site).

Other key changes applicable to Food Packaging Manufacturers include:

  • Culture – There is a new requirement to plan for the development and continual improvement of a product safety and quality culture.
  • Environmental monitoring - There is a new requirement for sites to have environmental monitoring programmes so that action is taken before product contamination occurs.
  • Product security and product defence - The requirements for product security have been changed to reflect a need for wider internal and external product defence assessment and subsequent defence plan.
  • Hygiene levels - The basic-level and high-level hygiene requirements have been consolidated into one level based on risk.
  • Process Waste Control - In order to reduce the environmental impact of the poorly controlled release of raw materials and process waste, particularly plastic in the form of pellets, flakes, powders, dusts and offcuts, effective handling of such process waste is now required under clause 4.10.2.
  • Documented Inspections – There is a requirement for documented inspections (in addition to the internal audit programme) for hygiene and to identify risks to the product from buildings and equipment for food packaging manufacturers.
  • Corrective and preventive action – A new clause and fundamental statement of intent. The clause is more specific on requirements for root cause analysis and corrective and preventive action.
  • Alignments with BRC Food Issue 8 – In internal audits (for example areas to be covered by the programme as a minimum) and supplier approval and monitoring (for example validation of supplier certification and scope)
  • Product authenticity, claims and chain of custody (new) – Addresses food fraud and product claims. A vulnerability assessment and plan are required.
  • Customer focus and contract review – This clause has been removed, it is now covered in section 1.

Certification against the BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials: Issue 6 2019 is recognised by many brand owners, retailers and manufacturers around the world.

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