Project 22000 Implementation Package

This package contains invaluable implementation tools to assist in achieving ISO 22000 certification.

The package is broken down as follows:

  • Introduction to ISO 22000 - This 45 minute presentation will introduce the ISO 22000 standard and explain exactly how to start the process of implementing an ISO 22000 compliant Food Safety Management System.
  • The process of implementing ISO 22000 must start with Senior Management; this presentation describes the typical steps in developing a FSMS compliant with ISO 22000:2005.

  • Download a Sample: Introduction to ISO 22000

  • Understanding ISO 22000 - This one hour interactive training guide can be used to aid your staff in understanding the ISO 22000:2005 standard. It includes:
    • The key elements to ensuring food safety.
    • An explanation of prerequisite programmes.
    • The principles of HACCP.
    • ISO 22000 definitions.
    • The documents required to meet the standard.

    Download a Sample: Understanding ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System

  • Food Safety Team: ISO 22000 implementation guide.
    • A more technical presentation for the Food Safety team on the requirements of ISO 22000 and their role in implementing the Food Safety Management system. Includes instructions in developing HACCP and Operational Prerequisite Programme plans.
    • The Food Safety team has a major part to play in establishing the Food Safety Management system. This presentation for the Food Safety Team will develop their knowledge of HACCP, preliminary steps to Hazard Analysis and how to implement HACCP as part of the food safety management system.

    Download a Sample: Implementing ISO 22000 Food Safety Team Guide

  • ISO 22000 document requirement guide.
    • A more technical presentation for the management team on the document requirements of ISO 22000 and their role in implementing the Food Safety Management system.
    • ISO 22000 states that an organisation requires the documents necessary to ensure the effective development, implementation and updating of the food safety management system.
    • This presentation covers the specific references in the standard where it prescribes that the food safety management system will need to have documents.

  • Prerequisite training - This presentation explains how Prerequisites programmes need to be established, implemented, maintained, reviewed, improved and updated to assist in:
    • Controlling or preventing the introduction of food safety hazards through the work environment.
    • To eliminate, prevent or reduce to an acceptable level the biological, chemical and physical contamination of the product(s) including cross contamination between products.
    • To control, minimize and/or prevent food safety hazard levels in the finished product, ingredients and product processing environment.
  • The training covers prerequisites required by ISO 22000 to ensure that effective control measures are in place to reduce the risk of contamination of the food.

  • Download a Sample: Prerequisite Programme Training Guide

  • Codex GMP training.
    • A training presentation covering the CODEX General Principles of Hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practices which lay a firm foundation for ensuring food hygiene.
    • The controls described are internationally recognized as essential to ensure the safety and suitability of food for consumption.
    • The General Principles are commended to Governments, industry, manufacturers, processors, food service operators and retailers and consumers.

  • ISO 22000 Multiple choice training exams to evaluate your employees understanding of the training, including certificates to print out upon completion. Quick and effective assessment that can be done on a PC anytime.

  • Project Plans - A full ISO 22000 implementation plan is included. Can be edited to suit your operation and progress.

  • Download a Sample: Project Plans

  • Senior management implementation checklist - A checklist for specifically to guide Senior Management on how to start the route to ISO 22000 certification.

By Carl Barton - Managing Partner. (Google+)

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