BRC Food Safety Management System Implementation Workbook

BRC FSQMS Implementation Workbook - A comprehensive 200 page guide to implementing our BRC food safety quality management system template.

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BRC Implementation Workbook Sample

This workbook is designed to assist in the implementation of your BRC Food Safety Management System. The workbook is divided into 8 steps that are specifically designed to help implement your food safety management system effectively:

  • Step One: Introduction to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety
  • Step Two: Assessment of Prerequisites
  • Step Three: Senior Management Implementation
  • Step Four: Food Safety Plan/HACCP Implementation
  • Step Five: Food Safety Quality Management System
  • Step Six: BRC Implementation & Training
  • Step Seven: Internal Auditing Training & Checklists
  • Step Eight: Final Steps to BRC Certification

The Workbook guides you through the process of implementing our BRC Food Safety Quality Management System, which is an ideal package for Food Manufacturers looking to meet British Retail Consortium Food Standard 2011 (Issue 6) for Food Safety Quality Management Systems.

Workbook Stage One: Introduction to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

An outline and first introduction to the BRC Standard.

Workbook Stage Two: Assessment of Prerequisites

At this stage we provide guidance on how to decide if Site Prerequisite Standards within the facility meet the Food Safety Requirements in Sections 4 to 7 of the BRC Standard.

The non-compliances identified in the assessment of compliance with Sections 4 - 7 of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety 2008 are logged using the form provided and used as input for the next step in implementation.

Workbook Stage Three: Senior Management Implementation

A Senior Management Implementation guide is provided that establishes your Food Safety Management System fundamentals including Food Safety Policies and Objectives.

This guides Senior Management in the following:

  • Planning the establishment of the FSMS.
  • Providing adequate support to establish the FSMS.
  • Ensuring there is adequate infrastructure and work environment.
  • Allocating responsibility and authority.

Workbook Stage Four: Food Safety Plan/HACCP Implementation

Guidance on training and implementation of a HACCP System using the HACCP Manual procedures and supplemented by the Food Safety Management System HACCP Section.

HACCP Implementation Guide Sections 2.1 to 2.7:

  • 2.1 Food Safety Team.
  • 2.2 Pre-requisite programs.
  • 2.3 Describe the Product.
  • 2.4 Identify Intended Use.
  • 2.5 Construct a Process Flow Diagram.
  • 2.6 Verify the Flow Diagram.
  • 2.7 Description of Process Steps.

The food safety team then:

  • Perform a food safety hazard analysis.
  • Identify and document food safety hazards.
  • Specify acceptable levels for each hazard.

HACCP Implementation Guide Sections 2.8 to 2.14:

  • 2.8 Determine the Critical Control Points.
  • 2.9 Establish Critical Limits for each CCP.
  • 2.10 Establish a Monitoring System for Each CCP.
  • 2.11 Establish a Corrective Action Plan Control Measure Validation.
  • 2.12 Establish Verification Procedures.
  • 2.13 HACCP Documentation & Record Keeping.
  • 2.14 Review the HACCP Plan.

After Implementation of your HACCP system you can use the checklist included as a guide.

Workbook Stage Five: Food Safety Quality Management System

Guidance on implementing our Food Safety Management System - a comprehensive BRC compliant documentation package.

Workbook Stage Six: Training and Implementation

Guidance on implementation and training. A training matrix to assist in developing a plan for all staff and giving the relevant training required based on responsibility and authority.

Workbook Stage Seven: Internal Auditing Training & Checklists

Essential guidance on Internal Auditor Training and Auditing.

Workbook Stage Eight: Final Steps to BRC Certification

Guidance on the final steps to achieving BRC Certification:

  • Carrying out a Senior Management Review.
  • Carrying out an assessment of your system.
  • Ensuring any areas requiring corrective action are addressed.
  • Choosing your Certification Body.
  • Agreeing a Contract with a Certification Body.
  • On-Site Audit.
  • Audit & Corrective Action Review.

By Carl Barton - Managing Partner. (Google+)

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